Top 25 Canadian Up and Coming ICT Companies

Company Name Web Address City Province
Alaya Care Toronto ON
Algolux Montreal QC
FixMyInfo Montreal QC
GroupBy Toronto ON
HockeyTech Waterloo ON
Industrial Skyworks Toronto ON
IntellDynamics Markham ON
KinematicSoup Technologies Kelowna BC
Koho Vancouver BC
Nest Wealth Toronto ON
PageCloud Ottawa ON
Palette Waterloo ON
PHEMI Vancouver BC
Raven Telemetry Ottawa ON
Revlo Toronto ON
Rubikloud Toronto ON
Sampler Toronto ON
Seehorse Kitchener ON
Senseassure Toronto ON
Squanto Ottawa ON
SqueezeCMM Toronto ON
Tech4Life Milton ON
Voltera Kitchener ON
Wealthsimple Toronto ON
Zora Halifax NS

* The Top 25 Canadian ICT Up and Comers listing is not based on revenues. Companies are selected based on creativity and innovation whether in a new technology area or optimizing existing technology in an innovative manner.

HockeyTechHockeyTech is a worldwide leader in providing hockey-related technologies, analytics and information services.

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