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Top 25 Canadian Up and Coming ICT Companies

Company Name Web Address City Province
Carbon60 Networks www.carbon60.com Richmond Hill ON
Dynamic Owl Consulting dynamicowl.com Vancouver BC
Big Bang ERP www.bigbangerp.com Montreal QC
Readyportal www.readyportal.com Toronto ON
Wagepoint www.wagepoint.com Kitchener ON
LeadSift www.leadsift.com Halifax NS
RosterBot, Inc. rosterbot.com Vancouver BC
SeamlessMD www.seamlessmhealth.com Toronto ON
Athletigen www.athletigen.com Halifax NS
Addo www.addotime.com Halifax NS
Askuity www.askuity.com Toronto ON
PACTA www.pacta.io Halifax NS
Tactalis www.tactalis.com Calgary AB
TopLog www.toplog.io Halifax NS
Vantage Analytics www.vantageanalytics.com Toronto ON
Yomes www.yomes.ca Halifax NS
1QB Information Technologies www.1qbit.com Vancouver BC
Athlete Builder www.athletebuilder.com Ottawa ON
SKILLSdox www.skillsdox.ca Ottawa ON
Mindful Experience www.mindfulexperience.ca Mississauga ON
Better Software Company www.thebettersoftwarecompany.com Ottawa ON
Fusebill www.fusebill.com Ottawa ON
BigRoad www.bigroad.com Kitchener ON
GreenOwl Mobile www.greenowlmobile.com Markham ON
Oculys Health Informatics www.oculys.com Kitchener ON

* The Top 25 Canadian ICT Up and Comers listing is not based on revenues. Companies are selected based on creativity and innovation whether in a new technology area or optimizing existing technology in an innovative manner.

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