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The Next 50 Canadian ICT Companies

Company Name Web Address City Province
251 270 TASKE Technology www.taske.com Ottawa ON
252 287 The KTL Group www.ktlgroup.ca Ottawa ON
253   Appnovation Technologies www.appnovation.com Vancouver BC
254 281 Epic Data International www.epicdata.com Richmond BC
255 243 VoodooVox www.voodoovox.com Toronto ON
256 283 Destiny Media Technologies www.dsny.com Vancouver BC
257 293 ESI Entertainment Systems www.esi.ca Burnaby BC
258 291 Proex www.proex.ca Toronto ON
259   Xylotek Solutions www.xylotek.ca Cambridge Ontario
260 282 Ivrnet www.ivrnet.com Calgary AB
261   Copperstone Connect www.copperstoneconnect.com Mississauga ON
262 291 CogniVue Corporation www.cognivue.com Gatineau Quebec
263 234 IDC (Imaging Dynamics Company) www.imagingdynamics.com Calgary AB
264 288 Viscount Systems www.viscount.com Burnaby BC
265 277 Vigil Health Solutions www.vigil.com Victoria BC
266   East Side Games www.eastsidegamestudio.com Vancouver BC
267   iLOOKABOUT www.ilookabout.com London ON
268   Point Alliance www.pointalliance.com Toronto Ontario
269   VendAsta Technologies www.vendasta.com Saskatoon SK
270   Addictive Mobility www.addictivemobility.com Toronto ON
271   ColbaNet www.colba.net Ville Saint-Laurent QC
272   KOM Networks www.komnetworks.com Ottawa ON
273   Magnet Forensics (formerly JADsoftware) www.magnetforensics.com Waterloo ON
274   CommunityLend www.communitylend.com Toronto ON
275   RSI International Systems www.roomkeypms.com North Vancouver BC
276 298 Virtutone Networks www.virtutone.com Sherwood Park AB
277   Vortex Connect www.vortexconnect.com Toronto ON
278   Infinite IT Solutions www.8it.ca Mississauga ON
278 244 Sand Technology www.sand.com Westmount QC
280   Parta Dialogue www.partadialogue.com Brossard QC
281   Open EC Technologies www.openec.com North Vancouver BC
282 300 AirIQ www.airiq.com Pickering ON
283   OneMove Technologies www.onemovetech.com Vancouver BC
284   Acro Media www.acromediainc.com Kelowna BC
285   ZIM www.zim.biz Ottawa ON
286   Diversinet www.diversinet.com Toronto ON
287   Sabre www.sabreit.ca Cambridge ON
288   Powered by Search www.poweredbysearch.com Toronto ON
288 284 Novra Technologies www.novra.com Winnipeg MB
290   DXStorm.com www.dxstorm.com Oakville ON
291   360pi www.360pi.com Ottawa ON
292   Urban Communications www.ubn.ca Burnaby BC
293   Top Hat Monocle www.tophatmonocle.com Toronto ON
294   YOUi Labs www.youilabs.com Ottawa ON
295   Poynt www.poynt.com Calgary AB
296   itec group www.itecgroup.ca Cambridge ON
297   Syngrafii Corporation www.syngrafii.com Toronto Ontario
298   gShift Labs www.gshiftlabs.com Barrie ON
299   HireGround Software www.hiregroundsoftware.com Calgary AB
300   CollegeMobile www.collegemobile.com Saskatoon SK

Xylotek SolutionsOur priority is to provide you peace of mind and enable you to focus on growing your business. We minimize risk and help protect against data loss, system downtime and costs, while increasing security and performance. Our core services (provided 24/7) include:

  • Technical Services and Support
  • Design and Implementation
  • Business Continuity and Recovery Management
  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Management
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing
  • Telephony
  • Enterprise Storage

Syngrafii CorporationSyngrafii is the foundational platform of signature solutions. We deliver a connected world where 2 or more parties complete transactions in real time from anywhere worldwide. We deliver a unified world that removes the delays & barriers of completing original paper transactions. We deliver a more secure world that mitigates risks associated with in-person or electronic signature transactions.

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Canada's ICT Industry: A National Perspective (2013 Edition)

The 2013 Edition of Branham's annual report – Canada's ICT Industry: A National Perspective – provides in-depth analysis of Canada's leading ICT companies based on Branham300 aggregate data that has been collected during the past three years. It includes over 90 figures and 15 tables, as it provides comprehensive intelligence on key industry metrics (revenue, revenue growth, revenue per employee, research & development investment, general & administrative costs, sales & marketing expenses, national and international revenue sources) along with extensive discussion on the happenings within the Canadian ICT industry during the past three years. To learn more about this year's report, receive a copy or learn more about its contents, please contact us.

Canada's ICT Industry: A National Perspective