Branham300 Online - 2011 Edition

Branham300 2010 brought cautious optimism and expected relief from the worst storm to hit the Canadian economy since the Great Depression. However, the reality is that Canada's ICT industry encountered many of the same challenges in 2010 as it did the previous two years. The Top 250 Canadian ICT Companies appearing on the 2011 Edition of the Branham300 increased revenues by 3.66 percent to $73.93 billion, up from $71.32 billion in 2009 but still trailing the $75.97 billion generated in 2008. While this year's Branham300 data does reveal some positive trends, it also indicates that the recovery of Canada's innovative ICT industry is still a work in progress.

The 2011 Edition of the Branham300 consists of the following major listings:

The Branham300 also recognizes the leaders within each of the sectors of the Canadian ICT industry:

The list represents a snapshot of the companies surveyed at a specific point in time according to specific criteria. Where estimates were provided, these estimates have not been updated to reflect actual figures.





York Technology Alliance

Learning Tree


City of Toronto


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