Branham300 Online - 2010 Edition

Branham300 Albeit turbulent, 2009 closed out an extremely successful decade for the Canadian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry. The economic environment that developed in late-2008 and remained for much of 2009 resulted in a mix of opportunity and hardship for the Industry's leading firms, with the Top 250 companies appearing on this year's Branham300 combining to generate $71.32 billion in revenue, down six per cent compared to 2008, but up 43 per cent compared to 2003; the first year that Branham compiled its Top 250 listing.

The 2010 Edition of the Branham300 consists of the following major listings:

The 2010 Edition of the Branham300 also recognizes the leaders within each of the sectors of the Canadian ICT industry:

The list represents a snapshot of the companies surveyed at a specific point in time according to specific criteria. Where estimates were provided, these estimates have not been updated to reflect actual figures.

Branham Group gratefully acknowledges the support of our sponsors for the 2010 edition of the Branham300 Top Technology Companies:




Pitney Bowes Business Insight, Canada

QA Consultants


York Technology Alliance

Learning Tree

Ottawa Senators

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