Branham300 Online - 2007 Edition

Branham300Now in its fourteenth year, the Branham300 continues to highlight the top Canadian IT companies. It represents a truly insightful piece of intelligence on the Canadian information technology market. Canadian companies are ranked based on worldwide revenues whereas multinationals are ranked solely on revenues earned within Canada.

The list consists of the following categories:

Companies must meet three of the following criteria to be considered a Canadian company1 for the purposes of applying for the Branham300 other than the multinational listing:
  1. The company was founded in Canada and their headquarters remain in Canada
  2. Over 50% of their employees are located in Canada;
  3. Corporate direction is determined in Canada; and
  4. Over 50% of their research and development activities are conducted in Canada.

Additionally, the 2007 edition provides highlights of the leaders in the following categories:

Branham300 Exclusions

The Branham300 represents information gathered from applicants and through other public sources. In certain instances private companies did not disclose their revenues and in some cases multinationals did not reveal earnings generated in Canada, and as such these companies were excluded from the Branham300. Examples of some companies tracked but excluded as ranking was not feasible are:


  • Algorithmics
  • Cedara
Canadian IT Companies
  • ACL Services
  • Airborne Entertainment
  • Bell Business Solutions
  • Blast Radius
  • BlueCat Networks
  • Bridgewater Systems
  • BSD Software
  • Chancery Software
  • Creation Technologies
  • Digital Connexxions
  • Elytra Enterprises
  • Farabi Technology
  • Fincentric
  • FreeBalance
  • Gallium Software
  • Information Balance
  • Interlerad Medical Systems
  • M3K Solutions
  • MakePlain
  • Momentum Healthware
  • Opalis Software
  • Orbital Technologies
  • Ormed Information Systems
  • Pangaea Systems
  • PCI Geomatics
  • PointClickCare (Westcom Solutions)
  • QA Labs
  • QuIC Financial Technologies
  • Relic Entertainment
  • TASKE Technology
  • Teligence Communications
  • The Herjavec Group
  • ViaSafe
  • VertigoXmedia
  • Zycom Technology

The list represents a snapshot of the companies surveyed at a specific point in time according to specific criteria. Where estimates were provided, these estimates have not been updated to reflect actual figures.

1.   If the company is a subsidiary, we determine the level of involvement of the parent company. If the subsidiary meets the above criteria and is operating independently from the parent company, for the purposes of this listing, they are considered a Canadian company.