ACCEO Solutions

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City, Prov:  Montreal, QC
Ownership:  Private
Year Established:  1988

Business Specialties
Develops and integrates ERP solutions

Financial Information
Fiscal Year End  : 31-Dec
Total Revenue ($000)
   Year End
   Year End
   $102,000    $94,000    9
Source  : B

Source: A=Publicly available, B=Company approved, C=Branham estimate
Exchange rate used for all $USD figures was 0.9949


1. Jan. 10, 2012 - ACCEO Solutions acquired Tender Retail, a Toronto payment solutions company. Mar. 8, 2012 - French IT consultancy GFI Informatique S.A. stake in Groupe GFI Solutions has been bought out by members of the GFI Solutions management team in partnership with Investissement Quebec, Capital regional et cooperatif Desjardins, and Fonds de solidarite FTQ.