Research In Motion

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City, Prov:  Waterloo, ON
Total Employees:  17500
Ownership:  Public
Year Established:  1984

Business Specialties
Wireless solutions for the mobile communications market

Financial Information
Fiscal Year End  : 26-Feb
Total Revenue ($000)
   Year End
   Year End
   $20,245,419    $15,207,201    33
Source  : A

Source: A=Publicly available, B=Company approved, C=Branham estimate
Exchange rate used for all $USD figures was 1.0170


1. July 1, 2011, Acquired portion of Nortel patent portfolio for approximately US$770M.2. December 23, 2010, Acquired a subsidiary of The Astonishing Tribe (Sweden), a UI and design specialist for an undisclosed sum. 3. June 1, 2010, Acquired QNX Software Systems (Ottawa, ON), a middleware, development tools, real-time operating system software and services provider for $200M.4. Fiscal 2011, Completed four other technology-related acquisitions, which will be integrated into the company's solutions.