Logibec Groupe Informatique Ltd.

Web Address:  www.logibec.com
City, Prov:  Montreal, QC
Ownership:  Public
Year Established:  1982

Business Specialties
Design, development, implementation and support of integrated IT systems.

Financial Information
Fiscal Year End  : Sep-30
Total Revenue ($000)
   Year End
   Year End
   $45,253    $40,756    11
Source  : A

Source: A=Publicly available, B=Company approved, C=Branham estimate
Exchange rate used for all $USD figures was 0.9881


1. March 16, 2007, Acquired Choice Systems (Louisville, KY) a developer of therapy management software.2. May 14, 2007, Acquired Ideal Software (doing business as REPS Software), (Tampa FLA), a developer of CRM/Lead Mgmt. and clinical software.3. November 19, 2007, Acquired Achieve Healthcare Technologies (Minneapolis, MN), a developer of clinical and administrative software for US$34 million.