Rand A Technology Corp.

Web Address:  www.rand.com
City, Prov:  Mississauga, ON
Ownership:  Public
Year Established:  1986

Business Specialties
Engineering services and technology to businesses.

Financial Information
Fiscal Year End  : Dec-31
Total Revenue ($000)
   Year End
   Year End
   $97,701    $94,537    3%
Source  : C

Source: A=Publicly available, B=Company approved, C=Branham estimate
Exchange used for all $USD figures was 1.165


1. October 13, 2005, Acquired the Autodesk related business of Continental Imaging Products (Calgary, AB) for approx. $300,000 cash. 2. April 7, 2005, Acquired Sage CAD (Albany NY) a provider of Autodesk suite of products and services, including training and consulting to customers in the engineering & mftg. markets.