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Top 25 Canadian Up and Coming ICT Companies

Company Name Web Address City Province
360pi www.360pi.com Ottawa ON
500px www.500px.com Toronto Ontario
CollegeMobile www.collegemobile.com Saskatoon SK
CommunityLend www.communitylend.com Toronto ON
Eastside Games www.eastsidegamestudio.com Vancouver British Columbia
Hubba www.hubba.com Toronto Ontario
Jintronix www.jintronix.com Montreal Quebec
Kira Talent www.kiratalent.com Toronto Ontario
Magnet Forensics (formerly JADsoftware) www.magnetforensics.com Waterloo ON
MediaCore www.mediacore.com Victoria British Columbia
NewPace www.newpace.com Bedford Nova Scotia
Noodle Cake www.noodlecake.com Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Oculys Health Informatics www.oculys.com Kitchener Ontario
Openera www.openera.com Ottawa Ontario
Rebellion Media www.rebellionmedia.com Waterloo Ontario
Scalable Analytics www.scalableanalytics.com Ottawa Ontario
ShiftHub www.shifthub.com Toronto Ontario
Shopcaster www.shopcaster.com Toronto Ontario
SiteScout http://www.sitescout.com Toronto Ontario
Syngrafii Corporation www.syngrafii.com Toronto Ontario
ThoughtWire www.thoughtwire.com Toronto Ontario
Toushay www.toushay.com Ottawa Ontario
Uken Games www.uken.com Toronto Ontario
Upverter www.upverter.com Toronto Ontario
XYZ Interactive www.xyzinteractive.com Toronto Ontario

* The Top 25 Canadian ICT Up and Comers listing is not based on revenues. Companies are selected based on creativity and innovation whether in a new technology area or optimizing existing technology in an innovative manner.

Syngrafii CorporationSyngrafii is the foundational platform of signature solutions. We deliver a connected world where 2 or more parties complete transactions in real time from anywhere worldwide. We deliver a unified world that removes the delays & barriers of completing original paper transactions. We deliver a more secure world that mitigates risks associated with in-person or electronic signature transactions.

ThoughtWireThoughtWire® UxP is an application platform that enhances workforce productivity by eliminating the disjointed workflows and poor user experience that turns people into Human Middleware. Our patent pending intelligent personal Agent automates workflows, simplifies user experience and works with your existing systems and data.

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Canada's ICT Industry: A National Perspective (2013 Edition)

The 2013 Edition of Branham's annual report – Canada's ICT Industry: A National Perspective – provides in-depth analysis of Canada's leading ICT companies based on Branham300 aggregate data that has been collected during the past three years. It includes over 90 figures and 15 tables, as it provides comprehensive intelligence on key industry metrics (revenue, revenue growth, revenue per employee, research & development investment, general & administrative costs, sales & marketing expenses, national and international revenue sources) along with extensive discussion on the happenings within the Canadian ICT industry during the past three years. To learn more about this year's report, receive a copy or learn more about its contents, please contact us.

Canada's ICT Industry: A National Perspective